I've decided to use your service! How do i start?

All you have to do is to complete the form on your left. In order to proceed to the design phase, we'll need the most in terms of details about your project, so take your time and fill in the form on your left. Furthermore, complete a full creative brief from your client. It's very important for us to know every aspect of your project.

We will contact you the very next working minute to discuss more about your project and confirm your payment. If you are in a hurry, please write it on the project details and contact us again via “contact”.

What is your turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time for the first page design is 5 Working Days. Each additional page on the same project takes 1-3 days, always depending on the complexity and specifications of your project. The same goes for (x)html & css too, but remember! If you need it faster, just inform us about it and we'll work something out.

What kind of files do you accept?

Regarding wireframes, we accept all kinds of files but we would really like an old traditional .png, .pdf or .jpg format.

I don't have a wireframe. Can you help me?

Yes we can! We specialize to help our clients achieving their goals, by designing high quality, unique user interfaces and templates, always according to their needs and we can produce wireframes too.

Do you include javascript, sliders and other ajax stuff in your designs?

Of course. We design having all front end technology in mind that can help our project be more usable and efficient.

Can you integrate my design into html5 & css?

Yes we can. Have you heard about the "Designer's Agony"? It's when a designer produces an awesome work and he is afraid of a mediocre slicer. We can pixel perfect convert the design into a well commented, handwritten w3c valid html5 & css. We designed it after all and we want it to be pixel perfect!

What hours are you available?

We have a fixed working hours schedule: 09.00 - 17.00 GMT +02:00 and we are working the first 5 days of a week. However if you need to schedule a meeting with us at a different hour or you are under a strict Saturday-Sunday Deadline, contact us and we will work something out!

Will anyone find out that i have used wireframeplus!?

Of course not. It’s your project and your client. However we will be thrilled if you recommend us to somebody.

Do you outsource?

No. All projects are done in house and by professional web/ui designers.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payments only through Paypal.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at Marinou Sigala 26 st, 54248, Thessaloniki, Greece.

What files will you receive once we finished?

Once we end up with your project, you will receive a well commented .PSD file, with named layers semantically ordered into Groups and Smart Objects. If ordered, you will receive the template sliced into pixel perfect & well commented html5 & CSS(3) too. Furthermore, you will receive a "read me" file with information and tips regarding using the files.

Project style (optional)

Project Colors (optional)

Number of pages?


Number of subpages?


xhtml/css slicing? Per page: $160 - Per subpage: $80

Total price: 449